Critical Evaluation or Self Reflection….

14 Apr

It has been a while since I last written anything and finally I got some inspiration from my lecturer to write about.

This week, I am starting on a new module called Individual Differences, in my third semester of my Degree course in Psychology. And my lecturer, Dr Ken Robinson, started off the class with the introduction of critical thinking which he explained will help us in our research as well as future learning. He advised us to critically evaluate every single article we have chance upon to read but reminded us not to condemn the author’s work.

On the contrary, he wanted us to do evaluation of those articles on the whole, taking into account the strength as well as the weakness and then to assess how to make them better by the following steps:

1. Why – Find the purpose….. As in why do we do this research? Why are we starting up this project?

2. How – How is the research/project being done in regards to the procedures. And how the research/project could be improved further?

3. What – What are the results? What are the expectations of the outcome?

4. So what – As in conclusion…….

Coincidentally, this topic had been part of my self reflection habits for the past few months of my life and how I was so unaware of myself using this method in my life and towards others. I have been critically evaluating my life asking myself where I have fallen and how I can make it work after I had stand back up, and where I have done well in which I can further improved on it.

On top of that, I had been critically assessing my emotional reactions towards people and things that happen to me. Asking myself WHY did I felt this way in good & bad way (Eg. anger, frustration, anxiousness, pride and etc). HOW did I react upon all these feelings? And questioning myself WHAT should I do in order to maintain the good feeling or to avoid the negative reactions. All these self reflection or what the psychologist scientifically term as critical evaluation had help me to improve and upgrade myself in term of character and emotionally.

Suddenly, it seem like I am hit by a flash of lighting or understanding…. everyone of us is a philosopher, a psychologist, a scientist, a professor in our own way. I just have to believe in the source of power and the belief and faith that we engaged in to guide us. I am a counsellor and a motivator in my very own way, just that I may not be as reputable or famous as Anthony Robbins or any other motivational speaker.

This really helps me to understand that I just need to take one step at a time and to keep practicing what I want to do and soon enough, I will be as good as any one of those “Professional”.

As the saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect”, don’t you agree?Image


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