Influential media everywhere be it positive or negative

28 Mar

I have some time today to check on my friends’ status on FB and read a few blogs here & there, and there I realize how easy our mindset could be influenced by the news & media out there. A slip in my guard about my consciousness and mindset, I will let some form of negativity into my mind to bring me down in my thoughts and emotions.

I questioned myself about each individual mentality and their perceptive. How a particular issue can create so much diverse reactions and thoughts form. And how their strong reaction in term of emotions can influence our thoughts and our reactions. It is amazing discovery and got me thinking about the influential speakers (Eg. Hilter, Lincoln and Gandhi) around the world who chose to influence people in their own ways (be it to hurt or to heal).

Upon further reflections, I decide and choose to be influential in my own way positively. To create a positive aspect about myself and about life. To be always consciously aware of the negative aspect of people emotions but not to be affected by them. It will be hard work but as long as I believe I can & Not influence by it, I will be able to do it! And of course I will only be able to do that with the help of the Higher Power…..

How do you feel about the influences that the media have on us? Would appreciate your feedback.


2 Responses to “Influential media everywhere be it positive or negative”

  1. glitterandcaffeine March 28, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    YAY for positive thinking! Positivity is a great thing. It can make even the worst situation hopeful and fun πŸ™‚ Your post are always so inspirational and really make me think about my outlook on life πŸ™‚ (Even though I’m probably one the most positive, happy people ever :D)

  2. charlottecelestelee March 29, 2012 at 3:12 am #

    I have been through ups and downs in life. Be it unhappy and or happy, I am still alive and have to go through it till God receive me back into His arm…. So why not live happily and positively and impact/influence others along the way? πŸ˜‰

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